• Road congestion during a certain period of time affects transportation companies, terminals, and the port of Valencia;
  • Activities in the port and surrounding areas cause delays in transportation, and affect traffic in urban areas;
  • Low efficiency has led to car accidents and increased exhaust emissions;
  • How to maximize the use of available resources (avoid empty truck);
  • Visibility of container operation in terms of: arrival time slot of cargo 📦 at port ⚓️ ; at port ⚓️, terminal, and factory 🏭;
  • Reduce inefficiency and downtime;
Propose a technical solution:
  • Optimize road transportation operations;
  • Increase the number of double operations on the same truck (import and export pairing);
  • Provide transparency and visibility to the optimized port ⚓️ operation path;

View Cargo Movements in


All shipments added to the cargo timeslot will automatically appear in the interactive map allowing users to track their cargo flow in real-time.

Source of information all in one

Access all transport in one system and collaborate on the same schedule instead of sending spreadsheets back and forth between stakeholders.

Scenario-based solution available on all devices for relevant stakeholders

Users can access their cargo schedule and assign for potential double operations from a wide range of internet enable devices, including: smartphones, tablets and PCs.

React to unexpected changes ⚠️

Alters and notifications help users identify and address problems before they became crucial.

Keep track of everything

All changes can be tracked for audit purposes, and the platform has built-in version control with the ability to restore old versions to avoid the potential loss of data.

Red: for slots already taken (已被采用的插槽)
Green: where double operations are possible (可能的双重操作)
Orange: On peak time (处在峰值时刻)

Colour-coded🟡🟢🔴 time slots are ready for reassigned (将各个时隙进行色彩编码以便于重新分配)
Double operations can be assigned in only a few clicks. The information is sent back to PCS(Process Cloud Services) through API

Qualitative Research from the Provided Dataset:

(Cargo transport stakeholders system)Reinterpret materials provided from sponsor.

Translating business, technical jargon and mapping on targeted journeys

Predictability is key to all actors. Yet planning requires time and committing to a specific estimated arrival time is giving away flexibility, sharing it gives additional paperwork and the system might not be neutral because everyone wants the "best time slots", so it is first-come, first-serve. The only way a large logistic operator would agree to commit to plans is if there is a strong incentive.
(可预测性对所有参与者至关重要。然而规划需要时间,承诺特定的预计到达时间意味着出让灵活性,共享它会增加额外的书面工作并且该系统可能不是中立的,因为每个人想要“最佳的时段”, 因此最佳时段是先到先得的,唯一让大型物流供应商会同意执行计划的方式是有一个很强的激励措施)

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Release/ Acceptance time prediction (发布与接受时间的预测)
Highlight of possible double operations (强调可能的双重操作)
Incentives to arrive at slot time (对到达时隙的激励措施)
Data monitoring within different stakeholders (在不同利益相关间的数据模拟)

Operations in general (总体操作)
  • Predictability and predictions (可预测性与预测)
  • More efficient due to double operations(双重操作更加有效)
Road haulier incentives(道路运输激励措施)
  • Guaranteed priority when booking a slot and arrive on time(预定时隙时保证优先级与准点到达)
  • More realistic forecast and more efficient missions (更真实的预测)
Port and warehouses(港口与货仓)
  • Better capacity planning(更好地货物容量计划)
  • Interoperable as integrated to PCS via API(通过API与PCS集成可互操作)

Prototype Development & Presentation Pitch
(prototype development 👨🏻‍💻 and reporting) :