Cat Cave

Timelines Exhibition
AHO Gallery/ Norsk Teknisk Museum 2017
Team: Song Xue

Cat cave is a series of explorations of translating cat behaviour to spatial form by the mean of using different digital fabrication techniques.

After investigating cat’s morphogenesis, We decided to focus on the fickle tension state as nature of the cat,  between caution and curiosity, one emotion pushes them forward, the other yanks them back.

The continuous inside/ outside surface of the Klein bottle was used as the metaphor of the cat’s constant changing state of body.

A broad set of digital fabrication techniques was used for prototyping among them clay shaping, 3D scanning, laser-cutting and SLS printing.

In the end, our cat cave was exhibited at AHO Galleriet!

…uhm the most tricky part was to make the last prototype, and we failed at printing out the playground for cats, however the intention of form is still evidenced in the geometrcally minimized surface.