Digital Crafts Blog

Many of the scripts that I created along the way of working on digital crafts serve as an example of open-source sharable learning materials.
Required Softwar:
1. Rhino and Grasshopper
2. Plugins for Grasshopper:
    Firefly: (
    Droid:  (
Required Hardware:
1. Leap motion sensor

00 Experimenting with parametric design tool
01 Working with material and fabrication technique
02 Using the parametric design tool to design with handicrafters

    00-1 Hand-E-Craft (Process Recorder)
Integrating hands into CAD tool, the GH script allows user to record and edit the analogue making history in digital level. By using the technique, users are able to freeze the certain phase of making, and then the user could choose to print out some specific “process-object” they want.
“The process isn’t always visible, rather continually evolving, the hidden process is where makes us wonder the mystical expression of the craft the most.”

    00-2 Action Recorder
Using the technique to track and translate the actions associated with the handmade object to the object itself.

    01-1 Tracking and Scanning
Tracking and recording the user's finger movement in CAD programme while he was throwing a platter, and then the from the algorithm user could further apply the desired geometrical patterns that are hardly achievable by handmade.

    01-2 Using personal data(sound) to enhance the form expression of the craft.
Using and programming with GH plugin firefly to identify and record the volume of the sound and the algorithm further shape and visualize the data into that geometrically ‘ripple texture’.

    01-3 Modelling and slicing all in one (Clay Additive Manufacturing)
Cross the software barrier of working with digital fabrication techniques, programming with GH plugin droid, combine both modelling and slicing functionalities together.

“The designer today should view craft as a storytelling devices, their unique position enabling them to embed their own experience and passing this on to the users.

The storyteller takes what he tells from experience, his own and others, and make it the experience of those hearing the tale.”
—German  philosopher and culture critic
Walter Benjamin

    02-1 CAD tool as a medium for craft’s storytelling
Using the parametric design tool as a medium to collect the artist’s unique making story, afterwards working collectively with the artist to materialize his manifest as a ceramic object.