Software prototypes as proposals for new digital tools for the ceramic craft.

Parametric design prototype that supports the architect’s needs to rapidly increase the iterative design process.

DATA SCULPTURE — One day in the valley
A collection of visualized representation of time data at alpine Alberg.



Feature Work

A Visual History of Kobe Bryant’s Sneakers
Watch the design of the iconic Kobe Bryant’s sneaker legacy morpher over 45 illustrated editions
Self Initiate Project/ 2020

Digital Craft
Exploring new possible methods and aesthetics that might emerge from introducing digital tools to the craft of ceramics
      Design Diploma AHO/ Fall 2019

Future of Work
Collaborated with ReMarkable on Academic Project
5 weeks/ Spring 2019

Screen-Based Interaction
Experiments, Coding Experience
SCREEN/ Spring 2019

Projection Mappping, Interactive Installation
1 week/ Spring 2019

Projection Mappping, Interactive Installation, Game for By:Larm 2019
2 weeks/ Spring 2019

Expected Landscape
Architecture and Urbanism
Semester/ Spring 2018

Cat Cave
Digital Production Technology, Exhibition at AHO Gallery& Norsk Teknisk Museum
1 week/ Fall 2017

Projection Mappping, Audio Processing, Interactive Installation for Annual Elvelangs Festival
2 weeks/ Fall 2017