A collection works investigating different aspects of screen-based interaction design
SCREEN AHO/ Spring 2019
01 HTML/CSS Story                                     2.5 Days
is a riddle that was picked and then conveyed as a website.
Live website

Ambient Image of Ruter Clock
02 Designing with APIs                                  3 Days

Ruter clock uses the APIs from Ruter, by the means of checking the time before departure, overlapping two extra timers; The red ring representing bus/tram, the green one shows the connecting one. The data points showing in different waiting interval to allow users to modify their departure time accordingly.
Live website

03 Mind Gym                                                                   6 Days

is a project reflecting on the consequence from cellphone addiction (we called “digital itch”), making people aware of accumulating interrupted time which might potentially be translated into brain muscles  💪🧠.
Team up with: Jonas Vetlesen

We designed a story and the interface interaction with a split film narrative, which aims to make people aware of the consequence of how this “digital itch” has changed their behavior.

SATS then ‘steals’ our concept!                                                             (screenshot via
(Recently launched service TRAIN YOUR BRAINTREE. What a coincidence!!!)

04 Micro-Interaction
Team up with: Sharon Wang, Thomas Wang

We paper sketch out the micro-interaction
Added sounds 🔊
Transitions 🔊
Tricks and used video prototyping techniques 🔊
to design a delightful way of choosing characters.

Click the video to see some details-tailored micro-interactions in video prototype.       

We also made a digital prototype using web technology (HTML,CSS and JavaScript)

Here is the video documentation! With a story under the party invitation setting.