Expected Landscape

Un-expected landscape. — aims to establish a closer relationship between nature and people and to encourage the celebration of the experience an alpine valley can offer. In this project, we propose a 20 metres wide and 4 km long linear strip that crosses the Alpine valley where the current village of Lech is situated and provide an alternative way of settlement on mountainous terrain.

Model “,one day in the valley,” is a collection of visualized representation of time data at alpine Alberg.

One hour of a day from the webcam at alpine Alberg.

…was then visualized with a new pattern.


…then laser engraving out the patterns on the glass surface! Assembling 12 pieces(one piece representing one hour) in a bounding box.

We materialized the time in a physical appearance!!!

The site was then being mapped out...

based on three different types of slopes on the terrain,which further to define where the interventions happen.

…part of the site was treated by CNC milling techniques, pixelated patterns contain the “artificial hand” of the algorithm that articulate landscape.

...To give a more realistic expression of snow, different model making techniques were applied on a small slice of alpine terrain. From wax casting...


...to wax coating to achieve a more realistic look and texture of seasonal topography.

…The strip of architectural intervention becomes part of the Alpine landscape.

By dividing into functional zones – contains all the ingredients of a new independent village including housing, accommodation, public and supporting facilities.

Colour coding natural parameters ranging from connections to the surroundings, steepness of terrains, solar insolation, and relative height are shaping different living conditions and spaces.

…where the craggy and steep cliffs of Rüfikopf,

…providing a unique alpine carbine living experience,

…the shape of the room becomes part of the artificial avalanche protection landscape.

With all of the rooms and spaces integrated into the rocky soil of the valley.

…the mild and sunny slopes of Oberlech was translated not only as of the roof but also the ski slope in the winter.

…which covers a public museum underneath.

…where exhibiting unique alpine landscape and geology

…where you can experience the seasonl changes

…ice skating venue in the winter,

…leisure pool in the summer.
… speculating schematic vision of an alternative way of urban development on mountainous terrains.