Project Overview:

Zettlo intend to contribute to more Oslo citizens participating in outdoor life, and is a catalyst to improve public health and the quality of life of the local inhabitants.Through provoking OUTDOOR activities participation. Zettlo digital service that will make event organizer easier to find, participate and plan outdoor activities.

Define Current Problems:

Simplify Information Architecture:

Identify Main Functionality and User Flows:

User Testing And Findings:

Ideation Prototype Sketching:

Assets for Social Media Marketing Campaign:

Gamification On User Promotions:

We successfully recruited 150 users who continued to use the app throughout the buddy week of OsloMet University!!!🌟🌟🌟

Interaction Flow:

As a UX designer in the project, my deliverables are interaction prototype and wireframe. The Zettlo team didn’t required any specifications for deliverables in the design process. So we first created an interaction deliverables specification for our team.

After these, we started to build our screen flows. All of the interaction design was done by me individually. Every month I delivered new designs and iterated the previous design base on the feedback from the user test.